Organizations And Other Resources Of Interest To The Weightlifter

Organizations and Resources Directly Related to the Sport of Weightlifting:

ATP's Pro Wrist Straps

Bruce Klemens

Bulgarian Coach Available for Work in the US

Denis Reno’s Weightlifter’s Newsletter

Chapman Power Systems

Dynamic Fitness and Sportivny Press


Gayle Hatch Weightlifting/Strength Training OlympicForum

Hawaii Kono Company (Tommy Kono)

Herman's Olympic Rankings

International Weightlifting Database

International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and World Weightlifting

Lost Battalion Hall (the premier Olympic-style Weightlifting training facility in the NYC area)

Mike Burgener's Gym

Mavrik Barbell Company (formerly known as Mav-Rik)

Motor City Barbell Site


Olympic Lifting (Weightlifting)

Olympic Weightlifting on the Web

Power Firm Weightlifting Shoes

Queensland Weightlifting Association

Slovakian Weightlifting Website

USA Weightlifting (USAW - The Internationally Recognized Governing Body for the Sport of Weightlifting in the US)

Weightlifting Exchange


World Class Coaching LLC

World Records by Chidlovski

York Barbell Company

Organizations and Resources of a More General Interest to the Weightlifter, Powerlifter or Bodybuilder:

Adam's Natural Bodybuilding Site

American Drug Free Powerlifting Association

American Strength Legends

The Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen

A to Z Fitness

Bill Pearl

Clarence Bass' Ripped Enterprises

Crain’s Muscle World

Dave Draper

Fitness Link

Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite!

Fundamentals of Strength Training for Sport

Gigantic Bodybuilding

The Internet's Fitness Resource

Iron Man Magazine

IronMind Enterprises, Inc.

International Sports Sciences Association

Jake Jones Weightlifting Artwork

Link Factory



Muscle & Fitness


Muscle Net - The Virtual Gym

Muscular Development

National Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine

New Power Step

Patricks's Books

Powerlifting USA

Raw Power

Search on Excite for Weightlifting Related Sites

Total Fitness Bodybuilding

Tom's Gym

Truly Huge - Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness

Washington State University's Strength and Conditioning Site


ZAP's GYM, the home of the Heavy HITters

Organizations and Resources Directly Related to the Sport of Weightlifting:

ATP's Pro Wrist Straps. This organization makes a wide variety of straps that are used to secure the grip on a barbell. I really like the nylon versions, which are reportedly strong enough to support several thousand pounds. The standard length strap offered by the company is 24", which is too long for the weightlifter who is doing lifts like snatches with them. But they will shorten the strap to any length you desire. A shorter strap, say 16-18", should be more than enough to wrap around the lifter's wrist and take one turn around the barbell (you should never take more than one turn as doing so will not permit you to release the bar quickly by opening the hand - essential when one is trying to get out from under a missed lift). You can contact APT at.  

Bruce Klemens. 139 Longwood Lake Road, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438, USA.. Bruce was a dedicated weightlifter whose interest in photography developed into a lifelong avocation. Bruce has probably photographed more weightlifters over al longer period of time than anyone in recent weightlifting history. His library of photos includes most of good and the great on the national (US) and international scenes for the past quarter century. If you are looking for a weightlifting photos contact Bruce.

Bulgarian Coach Available for Work in the US. A number of coaches from the weightlifting powers of Eastern Europe have emigrated to the US in recent years. Emilian Iankov is an accomplished weightlifter and coach. He was a three time National Weightlifting Champion in Bulgaria (where winning the Nationals was often nearly as difficult as winning the World Championships because of the caliber of the Bulgarian athletes). Emilian received a Masters degree in Physical Education is Bulgaria, where he was coach at the year round training center for the Bulgarian National Junior Teams. Since coming to the US, he has coached many weightlifters, including Two Time Olympian Mark Henry and many athletes from other sports (to improve their strength and power). Emilian is seeking a position as a weightlifting or a strength coach. He can be reached at: 11704 Oak Trail, Austin, TX 78753 or via e-mail at:

Denis Reno’s Weightlifter’s Newsletter. 30 Cambria Road, West Newton, MA 02165, USA. Denis has been an athlete, coach, official, administrator, meet director and all around promoter of weightlifting for many years. He began publishing his newsletter in the 1970s and it has become a leader in its field in terms of furnishing the quickest printed meet results. Denis includes a lot of his own opinions and publishes many letters to the editor. His publication includes national and international results in serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas in weightlifting. Denis says what he thinks and this has made him unpopular in certain circles, but his devoted readership knows that most of the time he is right on the money. The sport needs independent voices such as Denis’s. $24 US, Canada $26, Europe $32 and the rest of the world $37 for the year.

Chapman Power Systems - manufactures Olympic bars and other equipment. I have no personal experience with the equipment, but some athletes and coaches have reported that they like it. 

Dynamic Fitness. PO Box 510505 Livonia, MI 48151 (313) 425-2862. The exclusive distributors for Eleiko Sport equipment and Adidas weightlifting apparel in the US, this company has been serving the serious weightlifting and weight training community (individuals and institutions) for more than a decade. If you are in the market for weightlifting shoes, need a weightlifting suit or want to purchase Eleiko equipment anywhere in the Americas, Dynamic Fitness is your answer. Owner Bud Charniga has run the company (as well as Sportivny Press, which publishes many of the books that were listed in the bibliography) from day one. A supplier to professional and college weight rooms, as well as the individual consumer, Bud’s knowledge of the sport, reputation for honesty and dedication to service is as outstanding as the companies he represents. And when you deal with Dynamic Fitness you are dealing with the owner, a former national-level lifter who personally trains on and tests everything he sells. Behind the scenes, Bud has promoted the sport of weightlifting for many years as an athlete, coach, translator, athlete’s representative to the USWF, meet director (he has personally run two fine national championships) and lecturer. He has donated equipment to the USWF’s/USAW’s training center and Colorado Springs, advertised in USA Weightlifting at times when no one else has, and loaned equipment to countless meet directors of national and local competitions. He does a great deal more behind the scenes to support weightlifting that he would be angry at me for revealing - so I will not. I will simply say that he is one of weightlifting’s’ true friends. The Dynamic Fitness Web site is at: More information on Eleiko equipment appears in Chapter 4 of "The Weightlifting Encyclopedia." and at the Eleiko Web site:

Eurosport. Eurosport is the sports TV network in Europe. Because of weightlifting's popularity in Europe, this web site often has news of interest to weightlifters. The link to the weightlifting page is

Gayle Hatch Weightlifting/Strength Training. Gayle Hatch is one of the most knowledgeable and successful weightlifting and strength coaches in US history. During the more than 25 years that Gayle has been active as a weightlifting and strength coach his weightlifting teams have won more than 40 national titles. He has had athletes on 3 of the last 4 US Olympic Teams. His strength training methods, which rely heavily on the Olympic lifts, have produced some of the finest athletes in the US. If you live anywhere near Baton Rouge, LA, and you want to be a weightlifter or a stronger and more explosive athlete, Gayle is the man to see: GoHeavy is a series of Internet forums for weight sports. One forum is dedicated to Olympic-style weightlifting. As an essentially unmoderated forum (there are a few rules), there are many personal and emotional exchanges not of particular interest to those wanting to learn about weightlifting. But many of those who post are dedicated to keeping up with the latest news in the sport and to exchanging training ideas and the like. Consequently, there is some very useful information on the forum. As is the case with any such forum, the knowledge levels of those giving and receiving advice varies significantly so caveat emptor. The forum can be found at:  

Hawaii Kono Company (Tommy Kono) - Offers a wonderful book by the legendary Tommy Kono called "Weightlifting, Olympic Style". This book is truly unique. Part autobiography, part sport psychology, part training guide and part technical advice, this book offers wisdom accumulated by Tommy across his more than half a century in the sport of weightlifting. While Tommy is considered one of the greatest lifters who ever lived, he also coached Olympic teams from 3 different countries (the US included), made many stunning photographs and invented a number of pieces of equipment. You'll find his writings fascinating. The book can be ordered from: Hawaii Kono Company, P.O. Box 2192, Aiea, HI 96701. It costs $34.50 including S&H in the US, for Canada and Mexico add $3.50 and for all other countries $5.50. Make checks payable to Tommy Kono

Herman's Olympic Rankings - This site apparently ranks Olympic participants in terms of a point system developed by the author of the site. The link provided here takes you to the rankings of weightlifters

International Weightlifting Database. This Web site offers a wealth information on weightlifting results. You can find World, Olympic and European Championship results. Sub-categories include men and women and juniors and seniors. From what I can tell results go back as far as 1989. You can also look up a specific lifter and see his or her results in major competitions over the years. You can reach the site

International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and World Weightlifting: The IWF is the governing body for the sport of Weightlifting worldwide. World Weightlifting is the "Official Magazine of the IWF and AIPS Weightlifting Commission". An annual subscription is $35 US. The magazine and other information regarding weightlifting can be obtained from: IWF Secretariat, 1374 Budapest Pf. 614 Hungary. World Weightlifting covers the world scene in a way that nothing else does. Includes meet results, biographies of the champions, messages from Messrs. Ajan and Schodl (the General Secretary and President of the IWF, respectively) and a lot of other information. It also offers some of the best pictures in the sport (especially the poster that is inserted in each issue). No weightlifter, coach or fan of the sport should be without a subscription to this magazine. The IWF web site is: .

Lost Battalion Hall. This is the premier gym for Olympic style Weightlifting in the NYC area. Lost Battalion was started in 1961 by Morris Weissbrot. It has produced many champions over the years and several Weightlifting competitions are scheduled there annually (see the "Events" page on this Web-site for up-to-date information).. The author of The Weightlifting Encyclopedia, Arthur Drechsler, coaches there at least 3 times per week. Lost Battalion is run by the Parks & Recreation department of NYC. It costs $50.00 per year for a general membership at "the Hall" and and additional $50.00 per year (general membership is waived for those under 18, so the total annual cost for them is only $50) to use the Olympic lifting facility, which features 6 weightlifting platforms and tons of bumper plates. The Lost Battalion program accepts members of all ages and aspirations, but is particularly interested in young athletes in their teens who are interested in achieving outstanding performance in Olympic style Weightlifting competitions. The current hours are from 6 PM to 10PM Monday through Thursday and 1 PM to 5PM on Saturdays. The telephone number of the office (which is open from 9AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday) is (718) 263-1163. Lost Battalion Hall is located at 93-29 Queens Blvd. in Rego Park NY. It is very accessible via public transportation (e.g, the R subway train) and is close to the LIE and Grand Central Parkways. If your are interested in Olympic lifting pay us a visit! 

Mike Burgener's Gym - Mike, a former National level lifter and now an International level coach with the USAW,  has developed a large Weightlifting club (in Bonsall CA) and a network of coaches in Southern CA. Mike's son Casey has emerged as one of the country's most promising young lifters and there are many other up and coming young (and older) athletes training at his gym. His enthusiasm for the game is terrific - you can't help but be inspired by a workout with Mike. His club's regular hours are 4PM to 8PM Monday through Thursday and Saturdays from 10AM to 1 PM. For more information, you can visit his Web site at:

Mavrik Barbell Company (formerly known as Mav-Rik). (818) 266-0680, Fax (818) 895-9750, PO Box 7964, Van Nuys, CA 91409-9712, e-mail:, or visit their Web site at  Bob Hise Sr., referred to in the listing of IOL above, started this company (under the name Mav-Rik), and a magazine called International Olympic Lifter (IOL), as an alternative to York Barbell. Athlete, coach, administrator and tireless promoter of the sport, Bob always supplied a helping hand to a weightlifters in need and gave far more help than he was ever given credit for. I can recall asking Bob for permission to use his gym after a long day of work during a business trip to California. He not only gave me permission, but he came out to his gym at midnight to watch every lift I did. Mav-Rik has recently been purchased (and the name has been changed to "Mavrik Barbell Company") by two lifters who knew Mr. Hise very well - Tim Chin and Diana Fuhrman. They have vowed to uphold the Mav-Rik tradition and have just put into production a limited supply of bars (men's and women's) and bumper plates.  Chapter 4 of "The Weightlifting Encyclopedia" describes some of the equipment that had been produced by Mav-Rik in the past. We wish good luck to Tim and Diana in their new venture.

Motor City Barbell. News and information regarding Weightlifting in the Michigan area. The site can be accessed at:

OlympicLifter - A site created by former National Champion and American Recordholder, Lea Foreman. This site has sequences of the snatch and C&J, training information and tons of links to others sites of interest to Olympic-style weightlifters. A very complete and cleanly designed site at

Olympic Lifting (Weightlifting). This site, recently started by John M. Cissik and Tony Cardella, includes articles, meet results, a calendar of coming events, a forum for sharing ideas and links to other sites. Some of the areas of the site are under construction at present. The site can be accessed at:

Olympic Weightlifting on the Web. A web page created by Butch Curry that provides links to many of the web sites around the world that pertain to Weightlifting or related subjects. You can access the site at:

Power Firm Weightlifting Shoes. These shoes are made in Poland (I believe) and sold from Canada. A number of lifters I know have them and seem to like them. Their web-site is:

Queensland Weightlifting Association. While the focus of this site is Weightlifting in Australia, there is much there for Weightlifters all over the world. You'll find training information, gym locations, contact opportunities with other lifters worldwide and a variety of other subjects. The site location is:

Slovakian Weightlifting Website - This interesting web site provides sequence photos and biomechanical analysis performed by a number of champion weightlifters. It can be found at:

Sportivny Press. See Dynamic Fitness listing above.

USA Weightlifting (USAW) and Weightlifting USA. One Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (719) 866-4508, www. USA Weightlifting is the governing body for the sport of weightlifting in the US. You need to be a member of the USAW if you want to participate in competitions sanctioned by the USAW. Weightlifting USA is the quarterly publication, of the USAW. The magazine provides information of vital interest to all competitive weightlifters in the US. Includes the latest rules, policies and procedures of the USAW, some articles on training and biographical material, extensive meet results and other items of interest to pure weightlifters. The magazine comes as part of membership in the USAW. Membership in the USAW is a must for the serious weightlifter or coach and it is a terrific value as well. Your membership dollars support the sport in this country while keeping you informed at the same time.

Weightlifting Exchange - A series of discussion groups who post articles and opinions on weightlifting. A number of video clips are available here as well. .

WeightliftingOnlineMagazine - A collaborative effort driven by Marty Schnorf and Joe Prusacki, this web site has articles on weightlifting, a message board, interviews with coaches and athletes, links to pictures, video clips, information on clubs and more. It can be found at:  

World Class Coaching LLC. This Company sells 2 videos created by Steve Miller, the coach who started USA Weightlifting's Superheavyweight Olympian and American Recordholder, Shane Hamman, National Champion and World Team member, Loreen Briner-Miller, and numerous martial arts champions. One video is dedicated to teaching the snatch and the other the clean. Both go into great detail about the steps involved in Miller's own unique coaching approach and his views regarding optimal technique.

World Records by Chidlovski - The author is a former weightlifter who has prepared a list of the World Records through the history of weightlifting and placed them online. The records appear to be very similar to a list that the IWF published during the 70's (updated) but they may vary in a number of areas from the latest IWF official record history. Nevertheless, assembling the records took a great deal of work and they will be of great interest to weightlifting fans

York Barbell Company. PO Box 1707, York, PA, 17405-1707. Tel: (717) 767-6481. York Barbell was started and managed by Bob Hoffman for half a century. At one time it was probably the leading barbell and health food company in the world. Through his flagship magazine, Strength & Health (as well as numerous other publications), Hoffman popularized weightlifting and weight training for sport and created millions of believers in weight training around the world. He did more than any other person to make the US a power in world weightlifting from the 1930s through the 1960s and the importance of his influence can be appreciated only by studying what happened to weightlifting in the US in the years following Bob’s loss of vigor and ultimate death. York Barbell has changed management several times since Bob’s death. Its current owner, Vic Standish, has recently revamped York’s product line. A discussion of York’s bars and bumper plates appears in Chapter 4 of "The Weightlifting Encyclopedia." York’s "Hall of Fame" (located in York, PA) is unique, with its many pictures and exhibits from the history of the Iron Game, and its special focus on weightlifting history in the US. It’s worth a visit if you are ever near York. York has also sponsored the activities of the USWF/USAW for many years, establishing the company as loyal friend of weightlifting.

Organizations and Resources of a More General Interest to the Weightlifter:

Adam's Natural Bodybuilding Site This relatively new site includes a message board, training advice and recipes.

American Drug Free Powerlifting Association. This organization sponsors drug free powerlifting competitions (bench press, squat and deadlift as compared with the Olympic Lifts - snatch and C&J, the latter of which are the focus of this site) throughout the US. The site provides information on powerlifting rules, results from competitions, training and a number of other subjects. The site address is: or

American Strength Legends. This site features biographies of strongmen, powerlifters and a few weightlifters. You will enjoy a visit there.  The site is at:

The Association of Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen.  Founded by Vic Boff, weightlifter, bodybuilder, strongman, Iceberg Club President, health food store owner, writer, and more, Vic did it all in the iron game and was one of the true "keepers of the flame" for strongpersons worldwide.  Vic’s organization brings the factions in the game together while at the same time acting as the voice of reason and a focus on health  and drug free performance in an era that has often supported performance at any cost. A friend of many of the game’s greats (like Bob Hoffman, Sigmund Klein, John Grimek and Milo Steinborn), he started his association in 1982 and shortly thereafter hosted an 81st birthday celebration for Sig Klein in a restaurant in Queens. This celebration became an annual affair, but by 1986, the organization had grown so much in its purposes and membership that the annual dinner was relocated to the Downtown Athletic Club in NYC. There, a tradition of honoring the luminaries and the Iron Game annually became solidfied. With the change in the structure of the Dowtown AC during the late 1990's, it became necessary to move the reunion to another site, and the wonderful Marriott Hotel in Saddle Brook NJ has been the home of the AOBS dinners since 2000. The organization also publishes a newsletter which supports Iron Game history and drug free training. For more information, see the organization's web page.

A to Z Fitness This site has articles on training and nutrition and many ads by companies that offer products of interest to fitness buffs, but its major strength is the more than 1000 links it offers to fitness related sites. Check it out at:

Bill Pearl. Bill Pearl Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 1080, Phoenix, Oregon 97535. Bill Pearl is one of bodybuilding's all time great champions and trainers of champions. He has also published some of most extensive information available in the bodybuilding field, including his "Keys To The Inner Universe", the most comprehensive description of bodybuilding exercises ever created.   If you want information on bodybuilding, Bill's web site is a great place to look. You can find it at: The developers of this site expect it to be one of the biggest bodybuilding sites on line. As of  April 17, 1999, they had many links to bodybuilding and fitness sites. Their plan is to ultimately have such items as substantial training and nutritional information, chat and a large on-line store.

Clarence Bass' Ripped Enterprises. This is the web site from Clarence Bass, author of the "Ripped" series of books and a number of other books and articles regarding the minimization of body fat while maximizing muscle mass (both important subjects for most weightlifters). You can get a sense of the ripped experience by visiting:

Crain’s Muscle World. 3803 North Bryan Road, Shawnee, OK, 74801-2314. Tel: (405) 275-3689. Ricky Crain, a many-time world and national powerlifting champion who continues to break master’s powerlifting records today, runs this company. He offers a wide range of equipment, books and videos that are often hard to obtain elsewhere. My experience with Ricky’s services has been very positive.

Dave Draper Dave was one of the original Calfornia giants who helped publicize bodybuilding, so has been around the Iron Game for years. Now he is sharing his insights on training and diet on his own web site: This site was developed by the strength coach and offers good information on sports science, basic training and nutrition principles and a periodic "What's New" column. The site also sells training programs for athletes. You can find it at

Fitness Link Provides many links to weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding and other fitness sites at:   

Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite!. This site is oriented toward general fitness. It has articles on a broad range of fitness topics and a bulletin board and forum. It can be found at:

Fundamentals of Strength Training for Sport. This site, created by Charles Staley, features articles on strength training, bodybuilding, martial arts training, nutrition and a number of other topics. There is also a message board on which FAQ's are answered and a selected group of links to other Web sites. The address is:

Gigantic Bodybuilding. This relatively new site includes training advice, nutrition advice and supplement reviews, a bookstore, and many links to other sites: www.megsinet/~frank416/. This relatively new site is mostly made up of links to powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding and arm wrestling sites. It also sells arm wrestling videos. It is located at:

The Internet's Fitness Resource. This is as huge site that covers a wide variety of fitness and wellness subjects and has an astonishing number of links to other sites. The June 1997 issue of The Web Magazine reportedly said "IFR is the grandmother of all fitness link sites, which is pretty impressive when you consider that many general fitness sites are just links."

Iron Man Magazine. 1701 Ives Avenue, Oxnard CA, 93033. $29.97 per year. This magazine was started by Peary and Mabel Rader in Nebraska in 1936. Peary offered a truly independent voice in the iron game for more than 50 years. During the 60s he published another magazine called Lifting News which was devoted completely to weightlifting and powerlifting. Mabel Rader was the first female national-level referee in the US and was the first chairperson of the AAU’s women’s weightlifting committee. She ably presided over women’s weightlifting as the first national championships were organized in 1981 and continued to work toward the growth of women’s lifting until she handed leadership of the committee over to Judy Glenney’s able hands. Iron Man is currently published by John Balik. It contains a wide range of articles on training, nutrition and other subjects of interest to bodybuilders and weight trainers. John presents the views of many qualified authors with widely varying opinions in a way that will stimulate you to think. The magazine occasionally carries articles on weightlifting.

IronMind Enterprises, Inc. See "Milo" listing below.

International Sports Sciences Association. 3920-B State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105; 1-800-892-ISSA. The ISSA was founded in 1988 by Dr. Fred Hatfield and Dr. Sal Arria. The institute’s mission is "... to provide new and better methods and services to the sports and fitness industries as the sciences and technologies in the respective areas advance..." and, with respect to sports and fitness training, to " the crying need for STANDARDIZATION in the club industry." The ISSA offers home study courses and exams leading to certifications by the organization in fitness training and sports conditioning. Their materials for each course are well prepared by people who typically have a great deal of practical experience in their fields as well as academic credentials. The ISSA courses focus much more on resistance training than the majority of certification organizations presently preparing fitness specialists. The web site of the ISSA is: or Dr. Fred Hatfield has his own Web sites that are full of training and other information. Fred is known as "Dr. Squat" because of the enormous superiority that he demonstrated in that lift on the powerlifting platform. He squatted an unbelievable world record 1014 pounds at age 45 and at a bodyweight of 255 (a literal handful of powerlifters have ever squatted more, and they were much heavier and younger than Fred). So when Fred talks about building strength, it would foolish not to listen.  His sites are: and

Jake Jones Weightlifting Artwork - Jake Jones has been doing bodybuilding artwork that has been turned into items like T-shirts for years. New he has a line of items that are of interest to the Olympic-style Weightlifter 

Link Factory One of the largest set of links to bodybuilding/powerlifting sites on the Internet. A lot of other categories of links as well. 

MaxMuscleLinks Provides links to bodybuilding, fitness and related sites, organized by the kind of site. You can  find this site at:

Milo: A Journal For Serious Strength Athletes. Iron Mind Enterprises, Inc. PO Box 1228, Nevada City, CA, USA 95959. Tel. (916) 265-6725, Fax: (916) 265-4876. $29.95 per year in the US. There is no magazine today that covers as broad a spectrum of the strength sports as Milo. From weightlifting to stone lifting, Milo addresses it all. There are fine meet reports, excellent biographies, training and technique guidance and a host of other information of interest to lovers of strength worldwide. Iron Mind Enterprises, Inc. also offers an unusual catalogue of unique items designed for weightlifters and others who admire strength and its history (books, videos, equipment, etc.). Iron Mind's web site, which includes late breaking news on the strength front, a partial catalogue and a schedule of some upcoming strength events, is:

Muscle & Fitness. The flagship publication of the Weider organization, this magazine presents the bodybuilding scene along with many articles of general interest to weight trainers and others interested in fitness. Joe Weider and his brother Ben are to bodybuilding what Bob Hoffman was to weightlifting. They have tirelessly promoted bodybuilding for decades and have contributed immensely to its becoming a worldwide phenomenon. The popularity of weight training has been greatly enhanced by the efforts of the Weiders. Few remember that Joe began his career as a weightlifter and he maintains a keen interest in the sport to the current day.

MuscleMemory.Com. This unique site has has images of the covers of most major Iron Game publications going back to the 1st half of the 20th Century (e.g., Strength & Health and Iron Man). There are competition results from most of the major bodybuilding competitions going back for many decades and a number of interesting articles on the history of bodybuilding. You'll enjoy your visit. See  

Muscle Net - The Virtual Gym. This is a huge web site with scores of links to other sites that are of interest to bodybuilders and others who train with weights. There are links to sites that sell supplements, equipment, clothing, books and videos. There are links to gyms, personal trainers, news from a wide variety of periodicals and training advice. The Muscle Net site is:

Muscular Development. The very well-known health food company "Twin Labs," purchased this publication for the York organization some years ago. They offer a diverse magazine with some very knowledgeable contributors. This magazine ranks among the best for general information regarding resistance exercise and nutrition.

National Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine (online). This online magazine publishes monthly or bimonthly. A recent issue included articles on the anatomy and mechanics of various bench press styles, a survey of nutrients and their application to weight training, specific exercises to work the mid-back and abdominals. There is an area of the site that focuses on such topics as training for beginners and advanced athletes. There are also occasional profiles, a book list, moderated and unmoderated forums, an anatomy guide and a video rental library club (mostly bodybuilding videos but some powerlifting). Overall, some really good content

New Power Step - Mr. JJ Johnson has developed a device that he suggests can be used for step-ups and box squats. His site has an excellent list of links to weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding sites. It can be found at:

Patrick's Books. This site features information from the author of  "Quantum Strength and Power Training" (a terrific book), Dr. Pat O'Shea. Pat was one of the nation's top weightlifters in the late 1950's and early 1960's. In more recent years has become very involved in cycling, while maintaining much of his tremendous strength, so he understands training from the standpoints of the strength & power and endurance athlete. He is Professor Emeritus in Exercise & Sports Science at Oregon State University and Director for the Oregon Center for Theoretical & Applied Athletic Strength Training and was one of the pioneers in scientific strength training and coaching. Pat's unique combination of practical and theoretical training and experience makes his perspective on strength and power training especially valuable. His Web site is at:

Powerlifting USA. PO Box 467 Camarillo, CA 93011. One year subscription $31.95 in the US. Powerlifting USA has for more than two decades been ‘"the" powerlifting magazine in the world. Editor Mike Lambert does an admirable job of maintaining neutrality among the many (sometimes warring) powerlifting federations in the US and worldwide. He covers meets very promptly and accurately with some great lift by lift descriptions of what went on. There are also numerous articles on how to train and eat, as well as biographies of the greats of powerlifting, along with those who are up and coming. In addition, there is some nice historical material from time to time. Mike has also published some very nice articles on Olympic lifting. I wish that we had a counterpart to this magazine for weightlifting - no doubt it would help to increase the popularity of the sport (as Mike’s magazine has surely done for powerlifting).

Raw Power. This site has a very large number of links to sites that are of interest to those in the Iron Game - from bodybuilding, to powerlifting, to strongman competitions to Olympic style Weightlifting. It can be found at: - This site has links to sites in a wide variety of sports. It can be found at:    

Search on Excite for Weightlifting Related Sites. One of the Web's most powerful search engines helps you find weightlifting related information at: - This emerging site pulls together information on a very wide variety of sports throughout the world. It has a section on "strength sports" that includes Olympic-style weightlifting.

Total Fitness Bodybuilding Lots of links to bodybuilding sites, substantial Q&A section and a few articles as

Tom's Gym - A new bodybuilding site that has an advanced design. Content is still developing. Can be found at:

Truly Huge - Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness. This Web site features information for bodybuilders and others who lift weights for fitness and competition. It has many links to other sites and a visit there will prove worthwhile for anyone interested in the Iron Game. The site is located at:

Washington State University's Strength and Conditioning Site - A very worthwhile site that combines articles, FAQ's, interesting links, research findings and news on athletes at the University. The site is located at:

WeightsNet. This is a very large site that includes the text of an online magazine that it publishes, TV schedules of shows of interest to those in the Iron Game, links to a wide range of other related sites, addresses of some famous people in the field and a number of other interesting items. The address is:

ZAP's GYM, the home of the heavy HITters This site focuses on bodybuilding and specifically high intensity training. Includes training and nutrition information and links to other sites. The address is:

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